Shit We Wanna Know

This is where are will share tidbits of information that we think are interesting, but we don’t know how they fit in to the investigation.

Episode 4: Manastash Ridge

Have you heard of a kidnap victim’s remains being found far away from their last known location?

This week we are looking for examples of kidnap victim’s remains being found far away from their last known location where the parents are not involved. We suspect the distance in Lindsay’s case is due to the perpetrator wanting to get the remains as far from McCleary as possible. Please reach out here or on our Facebook Group truthintheshadow or Instagram.

Episode 3: Mr. Cellophane

What do you know about Paul Bieker’s vehicles?

This week we are looking for any and all information about Paul Bieker’s vehicles. We know he had a Jeep Cherokee and a Geo Metro, but we don’t know what color these vehicles were/are. Do you know of any other vehicles he owns that we are not aware of?

In addition to looking at suspects as they appear, we are also looking for potentially linked crimes. It’s possible that Lindsey’s case is a one and done but we find that hard to believe. Why pull off the perfect crime and then disappear? We are looking into other cases in Washington state that could be linked to Lindsey’s case. Please reach out with any information you feel is relevant. Thank you to everyone who has shared information with us.

Episode 2: The White Vehicle

Do you recognize this vehicle or its occupants?

In the first instalment of the segment Shit We Wanna Know, hosts Peggy and Tracey share footage of a vehicle seen at the Shell gas station around the time Lindsey went missing. In the footage two men and a child arrive at the gas station in a white Honda Ridgeline, one man goes into the gas station store and the child follows him inside and walks to the toilets located at the back of the store. Authorities released this footage and asked the public for help in identifying this man, but no one has come forward.

Observations made about the footage:

  • The man who walks into the Shell station appears to be wearing a deep sea fishing logo on his shirt. It’s possible that McCleary would be a place to stop on the way towards the water.
  • The Honda Ridgeline in the video had a couple of dog crates in the back of the truck that are reorganized from one image to the next.
  • Lindsey left bicycle right behind the garage. As learned in Episode 1, there are no cameras covering that area. If somebody had wanted to grab Lindsey from that location there would be no footage of it.

Questions for listeners:

Do you recognize this Honda Ridgeline or its occupants?

What's done in the dark will be revealed in the Light

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