Episode 6: Mr. Cellophane Goes to Court

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Mr. Cellophane becomes transparent in a judicial meltdown at a nuclear plant in Satsop WA!

We have trial and sentencing updates for you!

We also have an interview with Leah Griffin (running for State Representative in the 34th district) who tells her personal story that started with a sexual assault and progressed into advocacy that helped amend laws around sexual assault protocols and advocated for funding that in turn ended the WA state SAK backlog.



Episode 4: Manastash Ridge

In this episode hosts Peggy and Tracey discuss the discovery of a partial remain found by an elk hunter at Manastash Ridge in 2017.

The discovery was not initially linked to Lindsey’s case, as Manastash Ridge is two and a half hours away from where she went missing, but in May of 2018 authorities identified the remains as Lindsey’s.

Despite a multi-agency search of the Manastash Ridge area, no other remains were found and the location of Lindsey’s final resting place has yet to be discovered.

While on the hunt for the trail journals from Manastash Ridge, Peggy meets local historian Regina Tipton-Llamas from the Ellensbug Library who agrees to share her expertise on the Manastash Ridge. They discuss the roads and the hunting trails that traverse the remote, mountainous landscape. Peggy notes that from her experience scouting Manastash Ridge, a capable SUV and knowledge of the area is necessary for navigating the difficult terrain.

Photos from Manastash Ridge.

Regina pulls the Manastash Ridge trail journals from the archives and one entry – written the Monday after Lindsey went missing – stands out from the rest. Tracey and Peggy discuss the entry, examining the language and handwriting of the entry for insight into the author. It is of note that when Peggy brought this information to the FBI, they had not yet looked into the trail journals.

Episode 3: Mr. Cellophane

“How many kidnappers do you have in a small town?”

Gray’s Harbor Undersherrif Brad Johansen mused while on local station KCPQ-TV. “There are eerie similarities between the two cases.” He was of course referring to Paul Bieker’s arrest for a rape and kidnapping in 2003 and Lindsey’s kidnapping and murder in 2009.

In episode three, Peggy and Tracey dig into Mr. Cellophane AKA Paul Bieker, unearthing key details about his life that cannot be ignored in the investigation of Lindsey Baum’s kidnapping and murder.

In the latter half of the episode, the hosts dissect the second dog search that took place 8 months after Lindsey’s disappearance. The two K9’s involved in this search follow the same path traced by the first dog search (that happened one month after Lindsey’s disappearance) and both dogs eventually self-holt and positively scent at the same driveway.

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Thank you to After Work Murder Club for the shout out! We encourage everybody to listen to as many podcasts about Lindsey’s case, it’s going to take a village to solve this case and the more information we share the better.

Second Dog Search Route


Episode 2: The White Car

In this episode we interview POI Dale Golder. We also discuss a well known suspect in the media as well as an introducing a new POI that came onto LE’s radar in June of 2021. 

Special Thanks to D.Woods of VTwin Life Podcast for reading and discussing the 2003 arrest warrant for a McCleary resident now facing trial for a brutal sexual assault. You can find D.Woods podcast anywhere you listen, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Dale Golder’s injuries

Surveillance video of the Volunteer

The Volunteer at the gas station one block south of Maple st on Simpson st on the evening Lindsey went missing. While he initially stated he was in another town that night, this surveillance video was enough for law enforcement to get a warrant to search his properties and vehicles. 35:50

Paul Bieker

What's done in the dark will be revealed in the Light