Episode 4: Manastash Ridge

In this episode hosts Peggy and Tracey discuss the discovery of a partial remain found by an elk hunter at Manastash Ridge in 2017.

The discovery was not initially linked to Lindsey’s case, as Manastash Ridge is two and a half hours away from where she went missing, but in May of 2018 authorities identified the remains as Lindsey’s.

Despite a multi-agency search of the Manastash Ridge area, no other remains were found and the location of Lindsey’s final resting place has yet to be discovered.

While on the hunt for the trail journals from Manastash Ridge, Peggy meets local historian Regina Tipton-Llamas from the Ellensbug Library who agrees to share her expertise on the Manastash Ridge. They discuss the roads and the hunting trails that traverse the remote, mountainous landscape. Peggy notes that from her experience scouting Manastash Ridge, a capable SUV and knowledge of the area is necessary for navigating the difficult terrain.

Photos from Manastash Ridge.

Regina pulls the Manastash Ridge trail journals from the archives and one entry – written the Monday after Lindsey went missing – stands out from the rest. Tracey and Peggy discuss the entry, examining the language and handwriting of the entry for insight into the author. It is of note that when Peggy brought this information to the FBI, they had not yet looked into the trail journals.

4 thoughts on “Episode 4: Manastash Ridge”

  1. I believe that it is two different people writing this. The initials on the bottom of 1st page look like NJost- on 2nd-page NJF. The twos in 29 don’t match up. The three on top are different from the one on the bottom. It’s possible two people were together writing this. The first would have written the whole thing but for some reason, the second grabbed the journal and scratched out what the first person was going to write, because he/she writes poems, or think they can. So they wrote the second page. Maybe they thought their version was better.


  2. I just revisited this and saw these comments. The scratched out entry almost looks like a kids writing on the 6/29 and you can’t really tell if it actually says God or not. The first word is higher above on the ruled paper line as well. Maybe Lindsey started to write something she wasn’t supposed to and the guy had to doctor it to make it look like something else. I don’t know just something to mention.


    1. I didn’t think about Lindsey actually being one of the people writing in the Journal. That’s actually a good idea. Maybe she was leaving messages to get help or asking for help in some way and got caught. Also, Do we know who Kye Gibb may be? If it was Kylie Ellis writing in the general, maybe she also got caught, and the person with her changed the wording to throw people off. I can’t remember the dates when they found Kylie near the water with her school books. But I believe all of this is to throw everyone off the real people that did this.


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